April 10 & 11, 2021 Online workshop- Walking On Sunshine

Apr 10 2021 12:00 pm
Apr 11 2021 6:00 pm
Carol DeSanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $295.00

Walking On Sunshine

The Mental body freed for flow



The 3rd Chakra Mental Body has often gotten a bad reputation in energy work circles. Our cultural bias for the mentalism and intellective in-your-head analytical parsing of… everything. In the modern form, the mental 3rd Chakra center seems to think it is in executive control of our life and only what it can understand is valid and real. 


But what if all of this is because of an incorrect understanding of the nature of mental energy and the fixation  of the mental body in too limited a locus in the body?


Rosalyn Bruyere has taught that the tissues of the body reflect a redundancy of the chakra system and that the periosteum , the connective tissue that wraps every bone, is the tissue that most naturally carries the yellow, mental energy.  Appreciating this, it becomes apparent that the proper place for mental energy and consciousness is distributed throughout the body over the skeleton… rather than located in and identified as only in the head and brain! 


Constrained in this singular and too small a location (the head) the Mental comes to see itself as a puppeteer, pulling strings to run the body and emotions from a distant control-tower, so to speak. Freed to flow,  the Mental Body can be Aware Intelligence distributed throughout and living-in the body on it’s native tissue. 


The fixed location of the Mental in the head also makes it difficult to “change our mind” and have the flexibility of thinking that comes from movement breaking the mental consciousness free of the fixity of content. 


Some of the  work we will do:

  • Movement practices that activate the periosteum, spreads mental energy throughout the skeletal system and frees this to flow through the body.
  • How mental chatter is an artifact of mislocating all our mental energy in the head  and how freeing it to correctly distribute on the periosteum quiets the mind.
  • Partner work via Zoom to help free subtle movement and mental energy through the body. 
  • The numinous quality of Aware Intelligence that is the native metaphysical source of the Mental body and mental intellective consciousness.
  • Working to free the diaphragm and support the liver, spleen, kidneys stomach and adrenals.
  • Supporting habit change by finding the movements that will free where and how habit is stuck in the body.



As the song says: It’s bound to feel good! Our first workshop with a theme song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUmE-tne5U

In our two day (12 noon EST-6pm EST) online workshop we will develop and work with topics from Pathways Energy Work including Nervous System Energy Work, the chakra system, deepening our capacity for a fuller spectrum of energy, and practicing through "distance" methods. Specific topics may be announced.

Sessions will include demonstrations by Jim & Carol and breakout practice sessions with fellow participants via "distance" methods. Jim & Carol develop a group field palpable even in this non-local format that extends and enhances your access to subtle energy.

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