Certification Program in Nervous System Energy Work

Our unique hands-on practice of subtle energy work integrates our signature approach of Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW) and our deep understanding of the Chakra System and the human energy field. This combination allows practitioners to draw from a tremendous range of energies and ways of approaching problems, while also creating palpable and transformative experiences for their clients.


Our new Certification in Pathways For Healing Energy Work program simplifies requirements, reflecting the way we have been able to transmit the essentials of this work and pare away what is not truly relevant to the approach.


Each Four-Day NSEW Certification Program Unit






NSEW Certification Program Hands-On Supervision Day

Friday learning and practice session

Weekend Workshop



Program Components:

  • NSEW Certification Program Hands-On Supervision Day

Didactic teaching:

Presentation of the fundamentals of NSEW, the chakras and energy field.

Specific protocols for working with the nervous system, the.

Basic human anatomy.

Principles of clinical application.

Formulating useful treatment strategies.


Individualized hands-on supervision:

Guided practice of protocols and techniques.

Energy assessment techniques

Building greater energy capacity for more palpable impact.

Development of each student's innate psychic skills.

Assistance to integrate and incorporate program learning for each student's particular goals.


Individualized learning plan:

Students develop an individualized learning plan to integrate their program learning to their home environment and to support their personal and spiritual growth.

  • Friday learning and practice sessions

These classes give an opportunity to learn and practice more of the principles and practices of our hands-on energy methods. In each class a principle is presented, demonstrated and practiced in small groups, with hands-on supervision from Carol and Jim.

  • Weekend Topical Workshops

Our weekend workshops are where program students get fuller exposure to to specific topics essential to their work as practitioners.


Requirements For Program Certification:

  • Completion of eight (8) NSEW Certification Program Units
  • Attendance at one (1) Summer Retreat.


Quick Link: On-Line Application Form

Who can apply?

Students who have attended a minimum two of our workshops or one year of classes with us can apply for admission to the certification program.

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