Dem Bones- Part Two

Okay, time to carry this thing forward on bones and the people who love them… Oops. Sorry, that must have been a note from my gossip blog. Back to the energy stuff…

In Part I of “‘Dem Bones” I noted that:
Item #1: Bones are alive
Item #2: Bones are wet
Item #3: Bones are connected to each other
Item #4: Bones are flexible springs-
Item #5: Bones transmit energy like nobody’s business

Since I already told you that things aren’t always what they seem and the importance of letting go of our orderly, and rigid, conception about things such as bones, I’m going to start with Item #3 and work my way in circles. Surprise, surprise.

How are bones connected to each other?

Of course, there’s the obvious answer, via ligaments and connective tissues, and this is so. But there’s a less obvious answer because it seems to have been one that medical science has lost sight of. Bones have nerves. There appears to have been a spate of interest in nerves within bone in the 1960’s and 70’s, and then fits and starts after that. But a few seminal papers give us a glimpse into the wondrous complexities of this realm (see the links at the end of this blog for a few gems). Not just in the superficial layers of bone, and not just sensory pain fibers, e.g. the pain of a broken bone, but even into the marrow layers.

This is a revelation to someone who does Nervous System Energy Work, (NSEW) and sees the nerves as carriers of energy, because if you can find nerve, energetically speaking, you can work in all the layers of bone like magic! This whole sense of bone as solid and thus a barrier, simply disappears. It also means that you can find and feel the way in which every bone in the body is connected to every other bone by this network of nerves and by the Central Nervous System, which clearly has a lot going on in regulating bone growth, repair, and the production of red and white cells in bone marrow. Most people reading this will have zoned by now, but this is really cool stuff as an energy healer.

This brings us to Item # 4, that bones transmit energy.

Part of this is because of all this nervous system connection. Since in NSEW we see nerves as conduits for energy, the nerves of bone are likewise so. On a physiological level, bones that are receiving adequate energy from the nerves, and adequate blood supply (it goes together because the nerves of bone are all sympathetic-adrenergic and many of them regulate blood supply) are also producing healthy red and white cells, and this contributes mucho chi to the body indirectly via these healthy cells.

It also means that bones can hold their native frequencies of energy and become storehouses of those energies: 1st chakra red energy in the bone marrow, and 2nd chakra orange energy in the bone tissue itself. These fundamental energies, so important to health strength and wellbeing of the body, are fundamental to the energetic nature of bone and when bone is cooking along as it should they become virtual radiators of red and orange vitality.

Now for Items #2 & #4.

Remember that bone itself is 2nd chakra, the water element, and that live bone has a wet, chalky and slippery feel to it. It is fibrous in nature rather than stone like. Healthy, wet, fibrous bone flexes, it is not rigid. In fact, bone responds to weight bearing and flexion by generating an actual piezo-electric current that appears to stimulate bone growth-- one reason why exercise is so important to counter osteoporosis. But it also generates chi, subtle energy. If the bone is “flexy” and connected throughout the body, every movement generates chi. You read that correctly, folks, every movement generates chi.

If it’s done right. If we can feel and sense it. If, if, if. Lot’s of if’s here.

A Spring In Your Step-

But here’s a practical experiment. Walk barefoot, yes, it has to be barefoot. See if you can sense the way the impact of walking is felt through your bones, especially the bones of your feet and legs. Imagine that with each impact there is a tiny, tiny flexing of your bones. And with this tiny, tiny flexing, your bones are acting like springs, gathering and returning energy. The more you play with this, the more you’ll start to feel something. Talk about having a spring in your step! Enjoy.

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