Clearing the Patterns of Trauma & Habit From the Energetic Nervous System: Where's the Reset Button?

Oct 16 2010 7:00 am
Oct 17 2010 2:00 pm
Jim Kepner & Carol DeSanto
Price: $295.00

Our understanding of subtle energy in the nervous system has opened new ways to help conditions which set patterns of energy and response in the nervous system. Ingrained habits, accidents, medical procedures, abuse, crisis and other events can set energetic patterns in the nervous system. These can impact health, body sensation, pain and emotional responses. Aftereffects of trauma can include not only psychological concerns, but also health conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. This workshop will introduce the concepts and tools for clearing these energetic patterns. Students who have taken the workshop previously will learn advanced methods and refinements of the technique.

You will learn:

  • The principles of the energetic nervous system.
  • How energetic patterns are set into the nervous system in trauma and other life events.
  • How to sense the central, autonomic and musculo-skeletal nervous systems.
  • Techniques for harmonizing and balancing the nervous system.
  • A procedure to find and clear these energetic patterns.
  • Advanced students will learn how to draw on the higher octaves to clear complex multi-dimensional patterns.

This workshop will be useful for energy workers, therapists, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, massage practitioners, and other health care providers.


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