How Bones Energetically Nourish Joints

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Looking for red in all the wrong places...

Orange you glad you have bones?

Of all the joints in all the world, I had to run into
energy into this one...


Chakras: they aren't like on TV -

Yeah, chakras aren't really on TV. It's a metaphor for God's sake. Okay, it's a bad metaphor. Anyway...
One of the essential insights from our beloved teacher Rosalyn Bruyere is that
the chakras aren't just "in" chakra centers along the body centerline, but that
their energies are redundant all throughout the body. She humorously referred
to healers whose technique focused on the chakra centers only as the
"stop-lights to heaven" approach. How's that for humorous metaphor?


One of the redundancies of the chakra energies is a layering
of color frequencies in the body from chakras:

  • Bone
    marrow being 1st chakra red;
  • Bone
    being 2nd chakra orange;
  • Periosteum
    being 3rd chakra yellow;
  • Muscle
    being 4th chakra green; Fascia being 5th chakra
  • Skin
    and biologically related tissues being 6th chakra violet;
  • And
    all the pores being like little white 7th chakras.


Please note, that these are generalities, as the energies in
each of the aforementioned tissues are much more complex than that. But close
enough, and most of all useful for our
work in practical terms.


From this we see that live bone is a prime carrier of two
very fundamental energy qualities: red 1st chakra energy in the
marrow and orange 2nd chakra energy in the other layers of bone
tissue. By "fundamental" I mean that these frequencies are foundational to our
overall energy as well as the most dense or physically related energy
frequencies, i.e. closest in nature to our physical tissue itself. Thus, if our bones are alive with
hot, dense red energy in the marrow they are energetically supplied to pump out
all those important blood and immune cells for health and survival. And if our
bones are alive with the chalky-wet and watery quality of orange the bones will
be flexible, fibrous and well mineralized.


From both the physical and energetic standpoint, because of
bones obviously substantial physical nature, bones fully charged with their own
fundamental red and orange act as natural reservoirs for these fundamental
energies. Bones, especially, appear to supply and nourish their most adjacent
tissues with energy, most particularly the joints.


Certainly our joints have their own direct energy supply
from the nerves that feed them, as we know in Nervous System Energy Work. But the more I am working directly with the energy
of bones, the more I am beginning to appreciate that a lot of joint problems
are a result of the depletion of energy in the related bones than they are a problem of the direct nerve feeding
of energy to the joints. And the depletion of bone energy is often part of an overall
ecology of energy depletion in
the person's life: how they are using their life-energies.


Think Global-

We all know the cliché phrases for our feeling fatigued and

"I'm bone-tired..."

"I feel dry as bone..."

"That project sucked the marrow
right out of my bones..."

"I'm drained, right down to the
bone after that crisis..."


What these clichés are pointing to is that, as we use up our
general store of free energy, our body
starts pulling it from the organs or wherever else it can be found. In NSEW we
refer to the general "wetlands" of the body as the nerve matrix. Nerve matrix holds our excess or reserve energy the
way organic matter in rich garden soil holds moisture for longer periods.


If bones are also storehouses of the particular energy
qualities of red and orange, then when these energies are used up in the
general "soil" of the nerve matrix in the body and there is still a great need
for them, they will then be pulled from the bones, even if the bones themselves
need these frequencies for their own functions. The rule is our old
tongue-in-cheek favorite: the biggest aura wins. In this case, that means that the organ with the biggest suck wins.


The heart and liver, for example, being the strongest and
most vital organs, are able to out-suck almost any other organs when they are
in distress and in need of energy. So if these organs particularly need red and
orange and it is not available from the 1st and 2nd
chakras, or in the wetlands of the nerve matrix, they will start to pull it
from the bones.


We see this in chronic, energy depletion such as in chronic stress,
chronic illness, from the stresses of aging, etc. Subtle energy behaves in
accord with basic physical principles like osmosis: it moves from regions of higher concentration to
regions of lower concentration. Those of us with old houses and damp basements
know that if you run a dehumidifier all the time it will indeed lower the
moisture level in the basement air, but actually will pull more moisture through the porous walls if the poor
drainage continues to supply excess moisture outside. This is called equilibration scientifically.


Similarly, if our energy reservoir, the dry basement air in
the analogy, is depleted below the level of the bones, the bone energy gets
drawn out to equilibrate and supply the general energy levels of the body.


Countering this means we have to fill the person from the
inside out, from the core of bones outward until their tissues can hold all the
necessary frequencies and the wetlands of the nerve matrix can be restored to
their fullness as well. Along the way, it might be nice to have just a wee chat
about ones way of living: all the interesting and clever ways a person can
squeeze an extra drop out of their own precious life force on behalf of
fill-in-the-blank: _____________ (others, work, family, projects). And, how
little a person's life might be arranged to "get some," goodies for their own
needs. Inquiring minds want to know.


Think Local

Another way bones can become depleted and thus contribute to
joint problems is more of a local problem. Muscles like the aforementioned
organs the heart and liver, are also big energy users. Muscles get their
physical energy from molecules like glucose and ATP, but they draw strongly on
the subtle energy supply available through the nerves. A lot of repetitively stressful muscular activities,
such as a sport or a repetititive work movements, tend to overuse particular
muscles. The energy demands of the activity itself is compounded by the repair
needed for worn out tissues, and can come to require more energy than either
the biological or energetic sources can supply.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

As we said before, "the biggest aura wins." In this case,
that means the biggest need will have
the strongest suck. Muscles in need can suck hard enough to draw energy out of their adjacent bones, thus leaving the bones
supplying less of their natural radiance to the joints.


Here we see things like joint pain from overuse. To the
energy healer, the ends of the bones will feel energetically dry and light,
usually empty of the hotter red bone marrow energy as well as absent of the
chalky-wet orange energy of the fibrous bone, leaving only the dry, airy yellow
of the periosteum. This may be sensed by the energy worker as apparent only in
the section of the bone where the muscles attach, or may have cumulatively
sucked the whole bone dry.


This person often feels energetically vital and healthy
generally for they are exercising, after all, that's in fact what has seemed to
trigger this pain, but despite their generally strong energy there's none of
that where the joint problems or pain are. You may be able to sense plenty of
red and orange available in the rest of their bones, but the bones local to the
painful joints feel dry and empty, not matching the overall vitality elsewhere.


It's hard for the body to heal muscle and joint tissues when
the adjacent bones are so depleted. I've been amazed by how much relief and
healing to the muscles, as well as with the tendons and ligaments that often
also have been strained, can occur when the deep core red and chalky-wet orange
are restored to the bones. Along the way, a little perusal of how the person is
orienting to their body as if it's like a machine might be in order. The belief
that "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing" is often common to the gung-ho
athletic and the young.


Awareness requires energy, not argument!

But, no one, especially
not a wise-ass know-it-all healer, can argue anyone out of overuse, or anything
else for that matter. Remember the layering thing? Our mental (3rd
chakra) beliefs are like the periosteum, that and thin tough layer that covers
the bone. They are tough and protective in nature, but without much substance.
You have to engage other frequencies, other colors and energies that connect a
greater awareness to a more holistic sense of themselves to over-rule the
mental, "It's good even if it hurts me" belief.


In other words, more breadth of energy frequency available
means more qualities of consciousness available. If you only talk about their
beliefs cognitively (i.e. in mental body, 3rd chakra yellow) you are
working in too limited range to motivate change. And the client also doesn't
have the energy available and frequency range needed to look at the problem
from other levels of consciousness than the one generating the problem, i.e.
the mental body,
you might as well save
your breath.


And, by the way, that thing about having enough frequencies
available for full consciousness goes double for the healer. Healers can be
unbearably smug about trying to correct a client's "unhealthy thinking," which
by it's nature means that the healer is also stuck in yellow and the third chakra. Ah the 3rd chakra,
the most smug chakra of them all!



What's a nice red like you doing in a joint like this?

That wonderful wet, slippery orange, in its fullness, really
soaks the cartilage, bursa, synovial fluids and ligaments of the joints with
moist, slippery energy. From the perspective of bone, it almost seems as if
it's rich bone energy that radiantly grows
the joint tissues, although they also have their own sources of direct energy
supply. Inflammation can be felt as a prickly and irritating red quality of
energy. Rosalyn Bruyere often referred to joint inflammation as "Too much red
in the wrong places."


Inflamed joints will pull the wet orange energy out of the
nearby bones in order to try and douse that inflammatory fire. Over time with
long-term inflammatory problems, the bones become energetically dry and
depleted. When you fill the bones on either side of the inflamed joint with red
into their core (whether there is marrow or not) and then get the bone tissue
resonant and full with that chalky-wet orange, the client will curiously feel
their joints "cool down."


This is this curious because, from the healers perspective,
this orange energy feels warm as you run
it, and there is an expectation that running warm into already inflamed areas
will make for more discomfort. But it is the wet quality of orange energy that quenches the fire of
inflammation, and so is felt as cooling. The wet, heavy quality of well-soaked
bone, think about how fresh soup bones feel wet and heavy, feels very soothing,
cooling and solidifying by contrast to the dry and airy but inflamed sensation
they had. The principle here is "go soak your bones!" Keep generating that chalky-wet
orange in adjacent bones until that frequency holds, and follow with specific
work on the joints.



I hope you enjoyed this addition to our way of looking at bones
and joints. Feel free to click on the "Comment" box and give
some feedback on this blog, or on what results you get from experimenting with
this thoughts and principles.


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