The Inner Temple Program


The Inner Temple Program

Pathways for Healing Spiritual Approach 

Over our years of teaching a significant body of work has developed that offers a powerful and cohesive approach to spiritual development. It is steeped in ancient spiritual principles and guided by the key behind everything at Pathways- it's the energy. This approach to energy and spiritual development is embedded in our training programs, workshops and retreats.


Many of our students have asked us for a more programmatic way to pursue this path of spiritual development. This program gives a supportive group environment, a developed group energy field, and practices attuned to each person's unique energy development.

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The Program
What does it take to bring spiritual consciousness into our daily life? How do we truly integrate the wondrous states we experience in meditation, healing, yoga and other practices? How can we make our presence transformative and healing for others?


The human body is formed from a sacred geometry that reflects and reveals the path of the soul. This sacred geometry, called the Inner Temple, integrates our understanding of the energy bodies, the levels of consciousness, and the human nervous system into practices that lets the Divine shine fully through us. The living textbook for aligning body and soul is built right into our human nature... the secret is to know it is there and how to read and use it!

There are three "secrets" of the Inner Temple: visual maps, the energetic nervous system, and the energetic field.

Visual maps show the sacred architecture of the Inner Temple, outline the principles of spiritual evolution, illuminate our blocks to higher potential and help us understand how to manifest the Divine in our lives.

The energetic nervous system is the carrier of energy and consciousness into our lived experience. From our study of Nervous System Energy Work we have found that in order to bring higher consciousness into our daily lives, the refined development of our energetic nervous system is a necessity.

The group energetic field developed in the course of this program will expand each person's access to higher practices and principles in a way we can't do through solitary practice.

You will learn:

To meditate based on the glyph of the "Figure Eight" to harmonize the polar energies of our being.

To use hands-on energy work with the nervous system to make our experience of higher consciousness more palpable.

To map the Inner Temple to identify the levels of consciousness and to explore the complexity of our multidimensional nature.

To discern the "higher self" as an energy.

To apply these principles to issues of healing, personal development, and even to dilemmas of organizational life.

To call on the larger energies around us to manage life's challenges, keep us grounded, and keep us focused on our purpose.


The Path of Practice

Students may attend the Inner Temple Program with the intention of exploring the chambers of their Temple, learning the practices associated with them to refine and balance their energies, and receive the initiations into the higher states of consciousness that each doorway brings.


The Path of Ordination

Students who feel called to pursue eventual ordination in a Ministry of Healing will make application for this intention and, on acceptance, develop a plan, in conjunction with program staff. This plan will defines their area and mode of ministry and a special project to express that. We expect that application for this step will be done when students are already well known to us through prior participation in this or other programs.


On-Line Application Form


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